Inbound Basics: Increase Website Traffic with Long Tail Keywords
Trish Fischer in Inbound Basics, Inbound Marketing, SEO Basics, insurance inbound marketing, long tail keywords, manufacturer inbound marketing, nursing home inbound marketing, tfw co, tfwco, trish fischer inbound basics-this image shows letter blocks spelling out S E O to represent search engine optimizationOne often ignored aspect of inbound marketing is standard web pages and their value as searchable, informational content. We tend to think only of blog posts and downloadable materials, such as white papers and eBooks, as content. But, search engine optimized (SEO) text on standard web pages can be just as effective at generating and increasing website traffic.

Value of Long Tail Keywords

One excellent text optimization strategy for generating traffic on standard web pages is targeting “long tail” keywords. Such keywords are a bit more detailed than standard broad category (or “short tail”) keywords. Because long tail keywords are more specific they are not searched by as many people. They can sometimes make it easier for your company to get found online because they improve your chances of showing up on page one of Google search results for that term. And, when you show up on page one search results, your chances to increase traffic to those pages gets a big boost as well. Here are a few examples of long tail keywords that have proven effective for some TFW Co. clients:

EXAMPLE 1 - Nursing home inbound marketer:

nursing homes (short tail keyword)

skilled nursing facilities (mid tail keyword)

certified skilled nursing facilities Rochester NY (long tail keyword that proved most effective)

EXAMPLE 2 - Insurance company inbound marketer:

fine arts insurance (short tail keyword)

commercial fine arts insurance coverage (mid tail keyword)

fine arts insurance coverage for museum collections (long tail keyword that proved most effective)

EXAMPLE 3 - Midsize manufacturer inbound marketer:

heavy duty seals (short tail keyword)

chemical resistant seals (mid tail keyword)

seals for use in chemical reagents (long tail keyword that proved most effective)

What Do You Think?

Are long tail keywords worth the effort? Do you have an experience to share that shows how long tail keywords on standard web pages worked effectively to boost website traffic? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. As always, thanks for reading.


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