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Do something right now to brighten your day. Watch the five-minute film below. It's part of a very cool concept for a website. It's a simple little film that rewards you with the richness and beauty of its message. I guarantee it will make you smile.

Nice Message, Powerfully Presented

I watched this seemingly little film three times in a row. Each time I was touched by another level of its joy. The concept is simple. Everyone has a few things they’d be better off just letting go -- be it a fear of falling, a bad divorce, a past mistake or a compulsion for material things. The filmmakers provided a handful of real people with the opportunity to identify what they should let go and then gave them a tangible way to do so.

Gives You a Lift

The results are inspiring. You really have to watch the film a couple of times to get it. The facial expressions of the individuals change as they move through the "letting go" process. The final expressions are powerful and moving (in a quiet sort of way). Most important, the cumulative effect warms your heart and makes you smile.

Companion Website Mimics the Film Experience 

The Boathouse Group Inc. in Waltham MA launched, a companion website for the film. It is a happy little social sharing site that facilitates a tangible letting go experience similar to the one provided to the lucky individuals in the film. The site is every bit as simple in concept as the film and features a smooth user interface. It is an innovative online social experiment that is simply terrific in its execution.

3 Ways this Good Site Could Be Even Better

I only wish the website developers worked a little harder at setting up the site so that it could be found more easily. A Website Grader report for this site gives it just a 35 (out of a possible 100 points). That's hard to believe for such a great concept and terrific execution. What it comes down to, it seems, is lack of a basic inbound marketing framework designed to help people find the site. Three simple inbound marketing tactics that could be implemented to help people find this site (and improve its Website Grader number) include:

Keyword Strategy.The addition of a few interior pages to the site that highlight some keywords related to "letting go" "happiness" and "moving forward" (just to name a few possibilities) could help people find this site more easily.

Content Marketing. The implementation of a simple blog utilizing the keyword strategy developed for interior site pages could help as well.

Social Media Marketing. There is both a Twitter feed and Facebook page associated with the, but neither have been updated in months. Being active on these two fronts could help generate buzz for the site and, as a result, help people find it.

What Do You Think?

Obviously, "getting found" may not be a priority for the site developers. That's too bad. The site -- especially the film -- are so good, they deserve a little help to get found by more people whose day could be brightened by them. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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