« Inbound Marketing: Increase Website Traffic with Better Page Titles » inbound marketing-this image shows the term SEO with a red arrow moving upward to show steady improvementPage titles are one of the most important details of on-page SEO. They are easy to edit and optimize. The more care you put into creating page titles, the higher your site will appear in Google searches (and the easier it will be to get found by potential customers).

Page Titles: What They Are, How To Edit Them

Page titles are easy to find. The text you see at the top of your browser window when viewing a web page are the page titles. They present important descriptive information to search engines for each web page.

Editing page titles is easy. Titles can be found and edited in your site's HTML. The text that is surrounded with the <title> tag is your page's title.

6 Tips To Improve Page Titles (and Boost Your Google Rankings)

  1. Include keywords. Your goal with SEO is to rank for selected keywords. Placing them in your title text in a great way to improve your chances of page one ranking for certain keywords.
  2. Put keywords close to the beginning of the title This will further improve your chances of ranking for those title keywords.
  3. Make your title less than 70 characters. Longer page titles will not be seen in your web browser or in Google search results. If you make the page title too long, it will also dilute the importance of the keywords mentioned.
  4. Make your title easily readable / understandable for site visitors. Simple clear wording is best; no jargon or confusing terminology.
  5. Put your company name at the end of the page title. This is true in all cases, except if you are a big brand and people search for you through your brand name.
  6. Use different page titles for each page. Each page is an opportunity to target different keywords.

What Do You Think?

Is there anything you would add or delete to my title page optimization instructions to help improve Google rankings? Share your thoughts in the comments section. And, as always, thanks for reading.

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