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Eighty-three percent of marketers surveyed recently indicate that social media is important for their businesses. Of those surveyed, 85 percent say they rely on social media marketing to generate business exposure, as well as increase website traffic (69 percent) and to provide marketplace insight (65 percent). These results are part of the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael A. Stelzner. This study surveyed more than 3,800 marketers with the goal of understanding how they use social media to grow and promote their businesses.

Social Media Marketing Goes Mainstream

Social media marketing is fast becoming standard practice among businesses of all sizes. For property/casualty insurance company marketers it creates a tremendous opportunity to connect directly with agents/brokers as well as both commercial and personal insurance buyers. This is why -- unlike a year or two ago -- nearly every insurance company is exploring social media marketing initiatives.

Proper Planning Helps Get Social Media Started Right

Being part of a complex and highly regulated industry, insurance companies have to ease their way into social media marketing. It requires careful, incremental planning and manageable presentation of goals. A simplified social media plan that is well-organized, scalable and identifies tangible marketing objectives can make all the difference in obtaining the all-critical “buy-in” of top executives.

An Insurance Social Media Marketing Template for Success

I’ve found that a successful first step for many insurance marketers is to create a preliminary project plan for social media marketing. This preliminary plan creates an organized view of your marketing objectives BEFORE factoring in important details such as ROI, labor and staffing. To help insurance companies create a simple preliminary social media marketing plan, TFW Co. has developed a FREE planning template to ensure your social media initiative gets started right. You can use the completed template in-house to propose implementation of a social media marketing plan. It is likely that your completed planning template will help you gain approval to take your social media marketing initiative to the “next level.” The next level will be to request proposals/pricing from outside vendors for implementation of your social media plan. You can simply submit your completed Preliminary Social Media Planning Template for Property/Casualty Insurance Companies to a number of firms to request proposals.

Give It a Try 

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